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Volvo's New Hybrid Saves 30% More Fuel

Just a few weeks ago, Volvo released plans for a new semi truck that is set to revolutionize the hybrid truck industry.

Mysteriously named the "Volvo Concept Truck", its main goal is reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions created by big rigs. Based on its statistics, it seems that this new design has accomplished its goal; overall, it boasts a 30% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the standard semi truck. This is due to a few key new and improved technologies:

  • Ten percent of this improvement comes from a hybrid powertrain that kicks in for six miles at a time, or during 30% of total drive time.
  • The new truck also uses a regenerative braking system. With this type of brakes, energy is harvested while the truck moves down a hill or the brakes are applied. Since this truck's braking causes energy to be gained and not lost, the efficiency is much better than the average semi.
  • hazard-sensing GPS can sense upcoming changes in road conditions and adjust the fuel efficiency according to the data. That way, the human driver can be focused on doing a good job behind the wheel, while the car itself takes care of fuel efficiency.
  • Other notable efficiency factors include a decrease in drag, improvements in aerodynamics, lighter weight, and a reduction of rolling resistance.

All of these technologies combine to create a revolutionary truck poised to take the industry by storm. For truckers, this means increased mileage with decreased fuel usage. For the general population, this means less carbon emissions and cleaner air. Any way you look at it, the Volvo Concept Truck is an outstanding new development in the trucking industry.