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Mack’s Actions Rev Up More Than Just the Media

It’s rare to see the White House grounds alive with the sound of truck horns but that’s precisely what happened in mid March 2017. The hoopla was all part of a special, presidential meeting which featured a brand name our Robertson Truck Sales Team is well familiar with, Mack. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a number of Mack Trucks available for sale now and we couldn’t be happier.

It’s not just the fact that Mack Trucks made it to the White House that makes us proud to carry the company's branded vehicles on our lots. It’s something much more. As The Morning Call’s staff pointed out, Mack provides Americans with great paying jobs. And other media pundits are quick to point this out as well. Furthermore, it’s well-known that the company produces award-winning, energy-efficient, cutting edge vehicles that any trucker would be proud to own or drive.

Of course the ones we’ve got on the lot are likely a bit older than the model that showed up on the White House Lawn. As of press time, at least three of the ones on our lots were 2013 CHU613 models. CHU613 models are part of the company’s much-loved, Pinnacle Line. They boast MP 8 Engines, which many drivers may recall are good enough to be part of the SuperTruck Program run by the U.S. DOE. The vehicles’ list of best qualities includes, but is not limited to incredible, low-end torque and FRO-16120C transmissions that just don’t quit.

Take this 2013 CHU613 as an example. It has less than 355,000 miles on it, which is nothing for the Eaton Fuller FRO-16120C. It has proprietary seal designs, an integrated air module, beefy main shaft and SynchroSaver™ built right in. To learn more about those features and why Mack has everyone revved up over their brand again, please contact Robertson Truck Sales Agents today.