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Thin Blue Line Meets the Roadways’ White Ones

Would you welcome police officers into your vehicle so they can ride along and bust scofflaws on your route? Some people would balk at the idea but others, not so much. It’s the latter that police departments across the country are counting on to step up this summer. It’s all part of a movement some call “Troopers in Trucks” or “Motor Carrier Apprehension.” States like Mississippi and Nebraska already have designs on putting the programs into use.

If those programs prove to be wildly successful, our Robertson Truck Group believes more states will follow suit. So what exactly are these semi-truck and law enforcement collaborations meant to do? In three words, help truck drivers.  For some states, the help means busting careless drivers and lowering the number of semi-truck accidents per year in the process.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has yet to release last year’s accident statistics but they have posted early figures for 2015. The preliminary numbers show that things are getting better on the roadways for semi-truck drivers overall. However, there were more than 4,000 reported accidents last year that ended in fatalities and that’s obviously far too much by anyone’s standards. So perhaps this new movement is a step in the right direction for the semi-truck industry and its valued members.

At Roberson Truck Sales, we salute the nation’s law enforcement bodies and their members. So we’re supporting their efforts by ensuring that every semi-truck leaving our lot is safe to drive. And yes, the semi-truck cabs’ interiors are clean as well as spacious enough to accommodate any trooper that chooses to ride along with our valued customers. Plus, the windshields are also in fine shape, which makes it easier for troopers to see other drivers' bad behavior in real-time. To learn more about which semi-trucks on our lots are ideal for trooper ride alongs, please contact the Robertson Truck Sales Team today.