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Significant Savings With Diligent Tire Maintenance

The savings potential of proper tire maintenance is too often overlooked. Yes, it is far easier to get excited about improved mpg offered by a new diesel engine or improved aerodynamics. Tire maintenance isn’t sexy, but it certainly does add to the bottom line. In fact, some fleets could save tens of thousands of dollars with better tire selection and more exacting maintenance.

Tire Managers

Savings begin with a skilled tire manager/leader possessing in-depth knowledge of tire selection, life-cycles, correct mounting, effective repair and new technology. Quick, effective analysis of emerging tire issues like irregular wear is critical. Simple random checks for irregular tire wear and improper tire pressure improve the whole process of optimizing tire performance. Re-inspection of a technician’s work may minimize inconsistent performance.

Capable tire management requires training in proper tire selection, treads, casing management, repair procedures and proper mounting. Tire managers should work closely with manufacturers and dealers to better understand the root causes of tire issues. Take advantage of the unparalleled training and analytical resources of relevant tire manufacturers.

Managing Tire Wear

Ongoing tire testing is essential. For example, traditionally, extreme-duty wear rates of 1/32 every 500 miles have been common. With proper testing and data analysis, some fleets find that it is possible to cut such wear rates in half. Even minor improvements may reduce fleet tire costs by many thousands of dollars.

Finally, scrap tire reviews highlight problems traced to drivers, technicians and retreaders. When repairs fail, beads are chipped or mis-alignments arise, it is important to discuss the issues with those involved.

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