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Eating Right on the Road

Life as a truck driver offers a unique experience and many benefits, but it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while spending so much time on the road. Although it can be a difficult task, it's not an impossible one. Check out the following semi-truck lifestyle tips to see how.

Start strong and then shrink down. Eat a large breakfast and smaller meals throughout the day, eating the smallest amount latest in the day. Food is fuel for the body, so starting the morning with plenty of it will keep you going during the day and will burn most of the calories from the meal. Regularly eating large meals at night wastes all of those calories and the energy they provide. It also leads to weight gain.

Eat frequently- Starting with a big meal and then having smaller meals every three or so hours keeps your metabolism going, which is a good thing. A fast metabolism helps prevent weight gain. Eating a healthy snack or small meal every few hours prevents binge eating later at night, too.

Make smarter choices- Restaurant and fast food stops are inevitable on the road, but healthy choices can still be made at those places. Choose lower-calorie options whenever available. Order a grilled chicken sandwich over a fried one or a salad, if you feel so inclined. Try not to add calories with condiments. Skip the mayonnaise or go light. Avoid the fried side dishes altogether. Ask if they have healthier side options, like apple slices or other fruits. These small changes will add up quickly over time, especially when frequent fast-food trips are unavoidable.

Drink more water- This one falls under 'make smarter choices' as well, because swapping soda for water at the local diner is a good one. It cuts back on a lot of unnecessary calories. Staying hydrated prevents snacking. It keeps you fuller, longer and it's good for you in general. It might lead to a few extra bathroom breaks at first, but eventually your body will adjust.

These tips are a step in the right direction for making healthy choices while on the road. Stay tuned to the blog for more tips or contact us if you have any questions.