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Semi-Truck Industry Remains Watchful While Active Challenges Remain

Greenhouse gas emissions, it’s something many strong-minded people have been grappling over for decades. Of course with all of that grappling going on, the world has also witnessed the rise and fall of numerous, related pieces of legislation.  All of the legislation has undoubtedly caused skirmishes between interested parties but perhaps none has seen such a mixed response as the Clean Air Act.

Originally drafted in 1970, it has been challenged more than 30 times by an assortment of entities, one of the most recent being the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association. News of their latest legal challenge was covered by Trucks magazine in early February 2017. It immediately came on the heels of James E. McCarthy’s report, Clean Air Act Issues in the 115th Congress: In Brief.

Written for the Congressional Research Service, the brief outlined several problems with the GHG emission standards being faced by semi-truck industry members and others. It presented in real dollar amounts, the estimated, financial impact on industry members. Sadly, the number was in the billions, hence providing a further impetus for those hoping to save the semi-truck industry the pain of future compliance.

The Truck Trailers Manufacturers Association’s members, in particular, may have found perhaps one of the most ingenious ways out of facing those costs and it all boils down to semantics. It is widely believed that the way the laws in question are written exclude some members of the association from having to comply, namely those who have nothing to do with combustible engines. Whether or not the court system will see things the same way, however, remains to be seen.

At Robertson Truck Sales, we can’t predict what the court system will do. On the other hand, what we can say with clarity is that there are many semi-truck industry members who will be watching the legal headlines with one eye and the other on the most eco-friendly, affordable options out there. Of course our sales and service teams will be among those watching.