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Hydrogen: New Fuel, New Trucks

As you may or may not have heard, Nikola Motor Company has unveiled their brand new semi-freight truck, Nikola One, the first electric semi-truck in existence. It runs on hydrogen for fuel and is able to operate at half the cost of most diesel trucks out there. Best of all, it can double their output - producing roughly 1,000 horsepower and offering a range of anywhere between 900-1,200 miles.

Nikola One

The Nikola One is also able to outperform its diesel counterparts when it comes to braking functions, torque, and weight management. All of which allows the hydrogen fuel cell semi to accelerate faster and at less cost than other diesel trucks can.

While The Nikola One is the first electric hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck, it is not the first electric hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Tesla Motors came out with the first hydrogen fuel cell car awhile back. Even so, the wonderful benefits of zero-emissions and low-cost fuel provided by electric vehicles are fully available in this new full-scale semi truck as well.

How Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Vehicles Work

The propulsion concept of hydrogen-fueled vehicles is not so complicated. In fact, these vehicles work much like combustion engines in that they produce energy as long as some kind of fuel source is available.

Hydrogen fuel cells, commonly referred to as fuel cell stacks, are the main power sources behind electric vehicles. A fuel cell stack is specifically designed to provide a surge of electricity that is able to fuel an electric engine. Much like a steam combustion engine, the electrical engine does its job as the byproduct of the fuel cell stacks - electricity - comes into contact with it.

The Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

The Nikola Motor Company is planning to mass deliver a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks by 2020. The company has said that it will produce most of their electric semis in-house. Nikola believes that they will be able to produce approximately 50,000 hydrogen electric semi trucks per year after the initial launching phase.

While Nikola’s plans are quite ambitious, the company is still aware of the roadblocks it must face to bring its hydrogen fuel cell semis into full operation. Since hydrogen fuel and the fueling system that supports it is not widely accessible throughout the U.S., Nikola will produce and distribute its own hydrogen to support its new fleet of semi trucks. In this way, it can keep all aspects of distribution and operation within its control and not have to depend on outer forces to keep up with the company’s vigorous expansion efforts.

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