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Award Winning Truck Lift From Maxon Products

We were beyond thrilled last week to discover that one of our valued partners had made semi-truck industry news headlines. The spotlighted, 60-year-old company was Santa Fe Springs’ firm, Maxon®. Maker of many high-quality lifts found in our Mount Vernon showroom, they received national kudos in January 2017 for one of their many products’ safety features.

As we all know, maintaining safety in the semi-truck industry is paramount and the same may be said for warehousing goods. As this Vending Marketwatch magazine article points out, warehousing is precisely the industry that Maxon’s designers were thinking of when they came up with the award-winning product. In particular, they were looking to reduce falls from the backs of semi-trucks and other cargo transport vehicles.

In this case, the firm’s designers employed a handrail system. With this model lift gate, the handrails are located on the sides of the lift. As such, they do not prevent falls from the front or back of the lift. However, there is a cart lock installed on the lift as well, which helps prevent drop-off related injuries. And although not highlighted in the Vending Marketwatch article, we’re also fans of the lift’s single-side handrail.

The single-side handrail accompanies the dual-sided ones and may be used alone to access the vehicle. We feel that it helped contribute to the company’s lift system beating out others for the safety award. We also think that it’s just one of the many instances of attention to detail that set our valued partner apart from the rest of the semi-truck industry’s lift manufacturers.

To date, Maxon’s truck lifts may be divided up into one of seven different categories. They include the conventional as well as the custom-built. To check out Maxon® Products in action and find out more about their safety features, please contact the Robertson Truck Sales Team today.