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Maintenance Tips To Get Your Heavy Truck Ready for the Winter

As October approaches so does the cold weather. Snow and ice will be here before you know if and it is important that your truck is prepared to take on Mother Nature. Here are a few truck tips to make sure you get safely through the winter this year.

Brighter is always better

Of course you should always make sure your lights are working properly, but in the winter this can mean life or death. Other drivers need to be able to see you at all times, even in the middle of a snow storm. Icy roads mean drivers can't stop as quickly or at all, this is why they need to be able to see a truck from miles away. Cleaning your headlights or replacing them at the beginning of every winter is the best way to be safe.

Check your tires before the snow hits

Depending on where you live or travel, snow is just around the corner. Now is the ideal time to replace any tires that are too worn for traction. Invest in a heavy-duty set of tire chains and practice getting them on and off now. It's easier to do now than when there are two feet of snow on the ground. Ice can make even the best tires useless, chains are important to have in case of emergencies. Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them. 

Install a winter front 

Winter fronts are meant to protect your grill and radiator from the harsh weather and keep them running properly. It also aids in getting the truck running and warm faster than an exposed grill. 

Prevention is key

The best thing you can do to "winterize" your truck is to make sure everything is new or is the best condition possible. Cold weather drains battery life and puts pressure on coils, belts, and cords. Before the snow moves in, replace any part that is worn or older. A heavy-duty battery should have at least 2-3 years of life left to make it through a winter.

For more information on winter semi-truck safety, feel free to ask us at Robertson Truck Sales.