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New Rules From The PHMSA

Transport Topics recently reported on a new final rule coming from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. At the end of March, the administration made the last rule public, after discussion and revision with professionals in the industries effected. The new rule addresses hazmat reverse logistics. More specifically, the goal of the new rule is to further explain, increase efficiency in and offer more flexible standards for retailers returning hazardous materials back to suppliers. 

The new rule is going to effect all of the industries that are involved from start to finish of the return process. The consumer, however, does not fall under this umbrella so the new rule does not apply to them. Among the more heavily affected industries are personal care and health stores, home furnishing and electronics retailers, and both general and specialized semi-trucking companies. 

The administration has expressed that the major reason it is creating more clarity and changes to the current regulations is the individuals involved in the process have little knowledge about the risks, they have not been sufficiently hazmat trained and it has historically proven difficult to apply the regulations to the reverse logistics shipments. 

The new regulations are being embraced by all of the industries involved. The leaders in each industry were heavily involved in order to create new regulations that everyone would appreciate and abide by in order to increase the safety and efficiency of the reverse logistics process. The effective date for the new rule has yet to be announced.