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Encountering Law Enforcement On The Road

Keeping costs low is important in the trucking industry, but there's only so much drivers and companies can control when it comes to a budget as unexpected events can occur. Some worry that semi-trucks are a magnet for law enforcement agencies who need revenue, and only eight percent of commercial drivers asked in an online poll had never received a citation. This makes it likely that you will receive a ticket sometime though you cannot know exactly when. Here is what you need to know when receiving an unjustified ticket.

Think First

If you are issued a ticket, consider the situation. While you might think paying a ticket will involve the least hassle, this action is equal to admitting guilt and results in a conviction. Any convictions go in a driver's Motor Vehicle Records and could be visible for years, which may cause higher insurance rates. If you think a ticket is not warranted, you may need to fight it.

Positive Outcomes Are Possible

When asked about contesting a ticket, 65 percent of Overdrive readers said that they had success fighting a citation. A total of 38 percent of drivers used an attorney's assistance when fighting a ticket, and this may be the best course of action as most drivers can no longer get a conviction removed by taking driving courses.

Fighting A Ticket

Commercial drivers can work with legal groups that charge retainers and represent members for set fees when charges are levied. This cost could be worth it to keep a record clean. Drivers can also use technology like dashcams that face the road to ensure they have evidence when an incident occurs.

While no one can control everything, truckers can prepare themselves for interacting with law enforcement. Having a plan in place may make things easier if one receives a ticket.