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The My ONE20 Tablet and Mobile App

Truck drivers, like the majority of people these days, depend upon technology to help them do their jobs better, safer, and more efficiently. Companies that provide services to these hard-working individuals, are constantly developing new gadgets and apps that appeal to them. One recent development in Semi-Truck Technology comes from TA and Petro Shopping Centers in the form of a special trucker-friendly tablet and app.

The Tablet

This professional driver's tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, called the MyONE20. It's an eight-inch Android tablet that's driven by AT&T's 4GL LTE network. It comes complete with a mount, charger, and protective case, specially designed for the way a trucker will use it. It's reasonably priced at around $400, making it financially feasible for most drivers. To help truckers stay in touch with loved ones, and to provide uninterrupted service, no matter where the road takes them, it comes with an optional 10GB monthly data plan through AT&T for around $80 per month. The best part is, users can alter their service at any time, since it's a month-to-month deal, rather than an annual contract.

The Mobile App

Every ONE20 tablet comes pre-loaded with the MyONE20 app, which has recently been updated to include some incredibly useful tools for road warriors. One feature is the trucker-friendly points of interest, which tells the user where the things they use are located, such as truck stops and rest areas. In addition, it alerts them to upcoming weigh stations and whether they're open, or closed. After a long day on the road, truckers can use the app to find a place to eat, entertainment, or someplace to shop. Finally, it offers special savings for clothing, electronics, food, truck services, supplies, truck related products and more.

For more than 40 years, TA and Petro Shopping Centers have been providing truck drivers with a clean, friendly place to stop, eat, and rest . That kind of service and longevity in a tough market make them a favorite among trucking professionals. There's no doubt that the MYONE20 tablet and app will continue this tradition and that truckers will also find great value in using them for the long-haul.