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The Secret to Successful Financing

Financing vehicles is a daunting task for many. There are often tons of forms and insurance plans to consider but, not only that, you need to find someone you trust to handle it all. However, it is a potential lifesaver for truckers and operators.

The good news is that the secret to successful financing isn't all that much of a secret. In fact, it's far simpler than you think. We here at National Truck & Equipment Sales are ready to help you tackle all your financing needs. But first, let's cover the questions you may already have.

"How can I afford it?"

This is what gets a lot of people. A truck or trailer can seem like a monumentally large item to finance with too many costs and factors to consider. On top of that, it's crucial to figure out a plan that is affordable for you and your financial situation. Fortunately, there are resources in place just for that!

The first step is choosing a vehicle and a payment plan that work for you. If you go to our website and scroll down to the financing section, you'll find a handy little calculator that will factor in the loan amount, rate (APR), and term duration to get you started. It will tell you the cost for each monthly payment, how many payments it would take, and the end total costs!

After that, you can check out the financing page to apply for credit for your truck or your trailer. 

"What if I don't qualify?"

Don't despair! Smarter Finance USA has written an excellent blog post about this very subject. After reading up on that, head on to our finance section to immediately pre-qualify for credit. You can see if financing through your dealership is an option. They may have better rates than your bank. However, be on the lookout for those who would try to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, lenders like that exist and it pays to recognize them when they occur.

When it comes to finance, don't settle for less. Take the time to do it right! It is an important task that is too large be covered all in one blog post. For any comments, questions, or concerns you can check out the FTC's online resources or simply contact us! Thank you.