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Get Your Big Rigs Ready to Roll Across the Winter Roads

Are Your Big Rigs Ready for Winter?

National Truck & Equipment Sales, located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is here to help our customers, new and old, winterize their big rig investments. The weather has turned cold with freezing rain and snow in the forecast. We know that the holidays are busy. If you haven't already had your equipment inspected and necessary repairs made to travel the winter roads, take time to be ready for the bad weather ahead.

Drive Alert and Smart Across the Winter Roads

Whether you're a seasoned truck driver or a new driver, it is always important to be extra cautious traveling the winter roads. Found on Smart Trucking, "15 ESSENTIAL WINTER TRUCKING SAFETY TIPS" by CATMAC22* (2018, January 16), truck drivers can ready themselves with these reminders.

As CATMAC22* reports, SLOW is the speed you should be going on snow-covered roads that may have potential ice patches that you will not see. The YouTube video that reviews "HOW TO CLIMB AND DESCEND A SLIPPERY GRADE IN A TRACTOR TRAILER" is a good reference to help our new truck drivers. Another important point the author has made is to be sure to do your "circle check." As the driver in the video mentions the Jake Brake, it is important that truckers know how and when to use this valuable tool. 

Another Smart Trucking article offers more tips for trucking during winter. As the author points out, whenever weather conditions are not favorable to safely travel, don't take any risks. Remember to check all the necessary trails parts that can cause problems along the roads.

Ready Your Big Rigs for Winter at National Truck & Equipment Sales

National Truck & Equipment Sales is Columbus, Ohio's premier semi-truck, trailer and equipment dealer. Along with the entire Robertson Truck Group Family, we have everything your business needs to inspect, equip and maintain your entire fleet. Make your appointment to get your big rig investments in for a winter inspection. The team at National Truck & Equipment Sales wishes everyone a safe and prosperous holiday season.