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The Goal of the ELD is Safety and Proving More

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National Truck & Equipment Sales continues to offer the best solutions to our trucking customers with a robust inventory of semi-trucks, trailers, and equipment. With our truck driving shortage, it is important that everyone works together to help our truck drivers get their jobs done in the safest way possible. A recent article found in Business Insider, reports about truckers' frustrations with electronic logging devices (ELD), and the frustrating situations from long sitting times waiting for cargo. As most of us know, these devices were mandated to not only keep our truck drivers safe from working too many hours but also to keep other motorists safe from over-tired truck drivers causing accidents.

Why Truckers Are Frustrated with the ELDs

The ELDs are meant to keep truckers from driving "over 11 hours in a 14 hour period" to institute additional safety along the roads. Reportedly, truck drivers are seeing their salaries are being affected to the negative, and their wait times are a big part of the problem. Truck drivers are expected to wait "up to 2 UNPAID hours" for cargo loading. In a survey, "257" truck drivers reported that they are waiting "AT LEAST three hours" that is happening "almost 63% of the time." One other alarming percentage that is discovered by this survey is that "only 3% of carriers" received payment for the wait times.

Safety Is Being Affected by Long Wait Times

As this article reports, when the drivers are waiting over two hours "they end up driving faster" after leaving with their cargo. Speeding is not going to help make the roads and highways safer as was seen in statistics from 2016. Learn how a Charleston port is trying to make a difference for truckers understanding that time equals money. Although ELDs are presently frustrating drivers, turn-around times need to be addressed to assist our truck drivers to work safer under this mandate. 

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National Truck & Equipment Sales, along with the entire Robertson Truck Group Family, are here with every trucking solution from work-ready truck sales, financing, parts, mechanics, fabrication, and paint and detail. It is our pleasure to work hard for the hard-working businesses and their drivers that keep America moving. We know that when your semi-trucks, trailers, and equipment are down for maintenance or repairs that time is money, and we always work with that in mind. We are here at 844-683-6446 when you need one solution for every trucking need.