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The Rise of Trucking Telematics

Many industries have been diving headfirst into new innovations and technologies, but the transportation industry has been slowly riding the waves - until now. The transportation industry is no longer playing it safe when it comes to technology, and this change is expected to continue. Innovative and creative minds are constantly thinking of new ways to transform how a company or entire industry operate. 

The transformation we expect to see in the trucking industry will not just benefit one group of people. The technological transformation will impact the truckers, the shippers, and the carriers, in addition to the controlling officials. One of the technologies that will play a key role in the future growth of the trucking industry is telematics.

Telematics is the term that refers to the unification of information technology, communication technology, and telecommunications into one unit that will receive, store, and send information that is related to heavy equipment, trucks, cars, etc.

In the trucking industry, a telematics system can be a unification of GPS systems and mobile devices. Trucks are equipped with electronic devices and GPS receivers that can effectively communicate through the driver by using a safe and secure software.

A telematics system can also provide drivers with a report that provides information about the vehicle's status within a fleet. These generated reports will provide the fleet manager with vital information about the vehicle, including when the truck has started and its current location. 

Reports that provide information in real-time can result in the following:

  • increased productivity
  • improved customer service
  • improvements in security and safety in regards to the fleet
  • lower operational costs

While some telematics systems may be an added-on addition for some trucks, many manufacturers are now fitting trucks with these solutions. Using telematics systems can make a fleet more competitive and these systems can be the key to improving the overall efficiency of a business.

How has the rise of telematics systems impacted your business?