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The Shake-Up in the Freight Industry Filters Down to the Trucking Industry

National Truck and Equipment Sales has been serving the trucking industry since 1992, and we're committed to delivering solutions for all your transportation needs. Our industry is one of the logistical means that the freight industry depends upon in our country. Our trucking industry will be affected by the technologies that are "shaking up" the freight industry. The shake-up isn't a bad thing. 

Found on SHIPPING AND FREIGHT RESOURCE, "5 Technologies that are shaking up the freight industry" by King, L. (2018, April 16), the author reports how quickly freight logistics will be changing in the next few years. Technology is advancing so fast that people are struggling to keep up to reap the rewards. The important aspect of keeping up with the technology revolution is keeping a positive attitude towards learning new technology that is "faster and smarter, not bigger and richer."

It is now important to understand what companies should be focusing on using this new technology. Companies are focusing on "client satisfaction, customer management, and finances affecting the profit margins." Streamlining your business is key to staying competitive. As the author points out, keeping up with the trends that are quickly changing the freight industry that also filters down to our trucking industry.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings a host of technological advances almost every day. The tracking capabilities will offer many benefits to shippers and receivers. The condition of shipments will be easier to monitor. 
  2. Advanced machine learning is bringing helpful information to the trucking industry. Analysis of transportation routes deliver the most efficient tracks for moving truckloads of freight. Not only can machine learning help determine which routes create problems, but it can identify other inefficiencies.
  3. Cloud-based solutions will allow freight companies to manage loads by quickly obtaining drop-off and pick-up information.
  4. Connected applications will bring more organized management of all types of shipments. "Technological advances will enable numerous applications to communicate with each other in intra- and inter- business scenarios and B2C and B2B."
  5. Advances in security technology allow the freight industry to better monitor for cyber threats.

At National Truck and Equipment Sales, we are always working to keep up with the new technologies that will bring the best services to our customers. When you become a customer with us, you are part of an innovative team. Drop into one of our locations across South Carolina and see the great services we offer to be the solution to all your trucking transportation needs. It is always an honor to have your business. We're here committed to keeping your trucks, trailers, and equipment on the move.