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Even An Old Parking Brake Can Learn New Tricks

Bendix had reinvented the parking brake with its new Intellibrake system. Now that fleet trials stage has concluded, the system is expected to be available in 2019. 

The existing parking brake (and trailer brake) with the yellow and red button have been brought into the 21st century by Bendix, making them electronic, with confirmation status lights, and can be programmed with a wide variety of automatic functions for safety, convenience, and ease of maintenance. 

The concept is simple: instead of an airline connecting the brake buttons to the brake system, the brake buttons are now electronic switches, similar to fly-by-wire controls of airplanes or more advanced cars. By making the buttons electronic, they can now be networked into the "vehicle information system," and actions taken automatically if certain conditions are set. 

For example, if driver seatbelt is unlatched, and the cabin door is opened, then parking brakes will automatically engage.  Or perhaps seatbelt being engaged will automatically disable parking brakes and trailer brakes.  

This will eliminate truck rollaway or runaway accidents. According to NHTSA (PDF), an average of almost 100 people die, and 2000 people are injured every year (from 2008-2011) from rollaway vehicle collisions. According to a Frost and Sullivan survey, nearly 60% of commercial truck fleet managers experienced a rollaway in a 24-month period. 

But Intellipark is much more than a simple rollaway preventer. For vehicles equipped with Bendix SafetyDirect telematics, a rollaway event (and prevention) is automatically transmitted to the fleet office for follow-up training and remediation. Intellipark also manages braking power if the parking brake was pulled while at speed to ensure smooth braking. Intellipark will also automatically disengage trailer brakes if it was not disengaged while at speed, reduce chances of trailer brake and tire damage.  

Bendix Intellipark is in fleet trials now and is expected to launch in early 2019. 

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