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The "LowDown" On Dump Truck Safety

National Truck & Equipment Sales, located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, has an inventory of heavy-duty trucks, vans, semi-trucks and trailers, truck bodies (dump and utility), and equipment. As part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, we offer great solutions for any trucking needs. Always part of our solution is to deliver quality trucks and equipment while offering the best service and maintenance in our Ohio area.

Dump trucks are a big part of the trucking industry, and they are built tough to work hard. Keeping these hard-working vehicles well maintained is important for accident-free pick-ups and deliveries. One thing you don't want to happen was caught on camera in July. How did this happen? How did the driver not know his dump body was up? 

The trucking industry is booming, and the demands are pushing our hard-working drivers harder to meet those demands. What are the vital, safety measures that our drivers must make time to keep themselves and everyone else safe? Most of all, fleet managers and customers expecting pickups and deliveries must appreciate the time a driver takes to make important safety checks and adjustments. 

Found on WheelZine"Dump Truck Safety Tips" by Wheelzine Staff (2018, March 9) gives good safety tips and procedures that can help make operating these tough trucks safer.

  • Truck Inspection Before Loading
    • Tire Pressure
    • Dump Box Mechanisms
    • Safety Features
    • Suspension
    • Hydraulic System
  • Stability During Loading/Unloading
  • Appropriate Load Weight and Placement
  • Appropriate Dump Truck Type For The Job
  • Appropriate Dump Spot
  • Back-up and Dumping Safety
    • Working Alarm and Lighting
    • Total Attention When Dumping

Another informative article addresses the accidents that are most common on farms and ranches, where many types of dump trucks are used. Found on eXtension"Dump Truck and Trailer Safety" (2018, April 12 - "Dump truck and trailer safety. (2014) Farm and Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health (FReSH) Community of Practice. Retrieved from") 

  • Per the article, "most common dump truck or trailer incidents occur when emptying a load, when a bed is lowered unexpectedly, or when a raised bed contacts overhead power lines." If your dump truck is not outfitted with a "dump box lock bar," this is an important safety feature that should keep the dump bed from falling unexpectedly. 
  • All drivers need to be aware of the safety measures they must take if they drive away with their dump bed up and come in contact with a power line. If your truck should catch on fire due to a down power line, be sure you know about and understand the importance of the "bunny hop."
  • Be sure to read the full article to gather important safety and maintenance information.

National Truck Sales & Equipment is here to help all of our customers maintain their dump trucks with the best service, parts, and maintenance. If your dump trucks are missing a "dump box lock bar," let us get that safety feature added to keep your operation safe. Here is the solution to how the "bunny hop" is done.

We are here when you need us, and we will get the work done right so your equipment can work hard for you. When you need the "lowdown" on a trucking solution, give us a call at 844-683-6446.