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Navigating Across America: GPS, PHONE APP or MAP

National Truck & Equipment Sales, Columbus, Ohio's premier dealer of trucks, trailers, and equipment, has everything that industry-specific professionals and homeowners need to navigate along the roads and highways. Navigating across America has never been easier with all the high-tech equipment and applications out today. Navigating safely is a major part of our industry's success.

Truck GPS versus Phone GPS Application

Looking at several lists with the best GPS for truck drivers, it seems to be unanimous that the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD is the top choice with Rand McNally TND 740 in a close second. Waze GPS is a phone application that is on a list of popular and free applications for truckers.

In comparing the actual navigation systems like Garmin or Rand McNally versus smartphone applications, the main factor to consider is connectivity. Understanding what a truck GPS can do may help in deciding between a truck GPS versus a phone GPS application.

The 2019 Rand McNally Road Atlas For Truck Drivers

When technology goes down, it's always nice to have the old-fashioned, paper map, especially one that is just for our truck drivers. Found on"New Rand McNally Road Atlas Released, Features New Information For North American Drivers" by Tully, J. (2018, June 25) announces the release of the 2019 edition of Motor Carriers' Road Atlas. Don't be without this reliable, road atlas that has great information inclusive of "truck-accessible roads, state trucking regulations, and tolling information." 

Navigate To The 2018 ATA National Truck Driving Championships - Columbus, Ohio

Don't miss out on one of our trucking industry's most exciting events of the year. American Trucking Association's 2018 National Truck Driving Championships & National Step Van Driving Championships will be held at the Columbus Convention Center, August 15-18, 2018.

Truck drivers must navigate their trucks accident-free for an entire year to qualify on the state level. In August, winners come from every state to compete to be our nation's best drivers when it comes to safety. While this event promotes safety, it builds camaraderie and excitement throughout our trucking industry.

National Truck & Equipment Sales is proud to be a division of the Robertson Truck Group as well as an integral part of Ohio's trucking industry. When you are looking for the best trucks, trailers, and equipment, give our team a call at 844-683-6446, or drop in for a visit. We're here to help your business keep navigating across America.