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Some of the Most Dangerous Highways

If you operate a big rig over the road, it's important that you understand some of the dangers beyond the obvious. Unfortunately, accidents can spring up anytime, anywhere and it requires that you be extra vigilant in your driving.

Unfortunately, far more drivers, especially for private automobiles, are aggressive rather than defensive, so you as a truck driver need to be the one who practices defensive driving on a regular basis, in order to keep you safe and get you to your destination on time, every time.

Still, there are certain roads known for their high rate of accidents. A seasoned driver may be well aware of these highways and the dangers that are ever present. New drivers, however, while they gain the knowledge in a school of how to drive a truck safely, have a lack of experience that the seasoned drivers have, and so should be made aware of those highways that seem to be more dangerous than others. Geotabs map of dangerous highways details the most dangerous highways in the country. Here is a short list of the most dangerous highways for trucks in the U.S.

  1. I-95 Florida – As with most accidents, the accidents that occur on I-95 in Florida are due to distracted driving. As a professional driver, you need to be extra vigilant and not become distracted yourself. Always be aware of what other drivers are doing and be ready to act when you see another driver doing something stupid.
  2. I-70 Maryland – The dangers of driving I-70 are not actually unique to Maryland, but when you enter certain areas on the stretch in Western Maryland, you are subject to adverse and quick weather changes. Besides the high winds at those elevations, you can encounter white-outs during the winter months from the driving snow. Add to that the seemingly endless construction that goes along almost the entire I-70 corridor, it's an accident looking for a place to happen, and they do.
  3. I-10 Alabama – Recent accidents on the I-10 through Alabama include people driving the wrong way on the highway, distracted driving, and let's not forget those who are not only distracted but drunk. It's important for drivers to be on the alert through this corridor because like anywhere else, you never know what's up around the bend.
  4. I-80 Nebraska – Dust storms seem to be the primary culprit when traveling on I-80 through Nebraska. Not only do you need to make yourself aware of what other drivers are doing across this stretch of highway, but you have to be vigilant against what Mother Nature might throw your way as well in the form of high winds and dust storms.
  5. I-40 Arkansas – Icy roads are kind of expected by professional drivers at almost anytime during the winter months. I-40 in Arkansas is no different. Drivers need to remember that when you are on open highways, crossing bridges, etc. and there is moisture around, even in the form of morning dew, that there is a chance for icy conditions. Good drivers know to be aware that such conditions can happen at any time during the cold months, but watch not only what you do, but what others are doing as well.

More information about truck safety and other information can be found on National Truck and Equipment Sales' website.