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Refrigerated Trailers Advancing With Innovative Technology

National Truck & Equipment Sales, an integral part of The Robertson Truck Group, and we are proud to be the premier dealer of trucks, trailers, and equipment in the Columbus, Ohio area. We specialize in quality work, and we offer work-ready, heavy-duty equipment. An important type of trailer to many industries is the refrigerated trailer.

What do these big, cold boxes, also known as "reefers", actually transport? It's not just food. Found on Inbound Logistics"Refrigerated  Trucks Haul More Than Just Perishable" by Kampf, T. (2011, September 26) informs how "regulations and economics" added more items that must be transported in a climate controlled method.

  • Pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, must be kept at low temperatures to guard against spoilage and contamination.
  • Tobacco products must be kept at certain temperatures to guarantee high quality and freshness.
  • Fine art and antiques must be kept away from high humidity and temperatures.
  • Personal care products in the perfume and cosmetic industry can spoil or melt in high temperatures.
  • Chemicals and engineered products must be kept from having a "chemical reaction that could cause a fire or affect its quality."

Innovative technology is gaining speed bringing the trucking industry solutions to issues that have been hindering many companies. An article on FleetOwner, "7 truck technologies you need (and why)" by Marsh, A. (2017, December 20) reviews the innovative advances that trucking companies should strongly consider if they haven't already put them into practice. 

  • Dynamic Routing
  • Forward-looking Camera Systems
  • Driver Scoreboards
  • Collision Mitigation Technology
  • Electronic Logging Devices
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Temperature Tracking/Record Keeping is noted to be "mandatory for many carriers," and "it may become a prerequisite to continuing doing business."
    • Stricter rules and regulations have come with the "Food Safety Modernization Act." With the temperature tracking/record keeping ability, companies can see exactly the temperatures, and any changes, during shipment.
    • The big advantage is when a fleet manager gets a warning that the temperature of a shipment has gone to a critical level, the truck driver can be alerted to stop, check the issue and fix before the load is ruined.
      • Truck driver education on reefer repair may become a prerequisite at certain companies.
    • This technology will be an advantage to a company's marketing for business.

National Truck & Equipment Sales has a great selection of trailers in our inventory. If you don't see what you need, we'll work hard to help fabricate exactly what your business requires. We have a great network of dealers across the United States, and we can help locate any heavy-duty equipment. Give us a call at 844-683-6446, or drop by for a visit to our operation. The entire Robertson Truck Group Family is always honored to be your one solution to any trucking needs you may have.