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Muncie Boosts Take-Off with New Clutch Engagement System

If you have been in the truck and mobile equipment industry for any length of time, you have heard the name, Muncie. The company has become a leading manufacturer of power take-off (PTO) units since its first proprietary property release in the late 1940s.

Traditional PTO Versus Muncie Start

Granted, unaided PTO units can handle most low-inertia loads with ease. Any standard hydraulic unit has the ability to pull a light load on level ground. The initial pull and start-up are easy, with little resistance. However, the typical on/off solenoid controlled PTO with high-inertia loads can quickly wear out a PTO clutch when there is instant engagement. Imagine trying to pull a heavy load, uphill, starting at full speed. All of a sudden you find yourself creeping along at a snail's pace because the load is too heavy. Plus, this kind of shock to your PTO system is not a good thing; stress leads to higher repair and replacement costs and lower profit margins.

So, what's the solution? The newest of the Muncie Power Products release is the Muncie Start, a clutch engagement system that is electronically controlled, eliminating the torque shock that can lead to damaged clutches, shafts, or gear teeth.

No More Shock Treatment

This new electronically controlled PTO system modulates from low initial pressure during engagement building to full pressure in the clutch pack. Modulation in the system takes the load gradually from one state (low) to another (high). Because there is controlled slippage, the energy levels are kept well below the tolerance levels of the clutch discs. At the point of full activation, the driven equipment has already begun to operate, and the clutch will cease to slip. Muncie's technological advancement eliminates torque spikes and shock through the PTO, drive train, and other mounted auxiliary equipment during start-up. Without start-up modulation, the torque spike goes to approximately 600 ft./lbs. The new Muncie Start torque spike is reduced to below 125 ft./lbs.

National Truck and Equipment is an authorized distributor for Muncie Power Products. The new Muncie Start clutch engagement system is now available for the FR6Q series and the Titan MC1 series PTO's. Please contact us at 614-604-7718 to discuss Muncie PTO options and accessories.