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New Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft Integrated Sleeper Truck

Modern sleeper trucks are much more than just a powerful truck is a simple mattress in the back. They offer high-quality amenities and plenty of room for a single driver or a team. Peterbilt recently unveiled its Model 579 UltraLoft, which features a new cab and sleeper design. The point of the design was to give drivers plenty of storage space as well as tons of room to stretch out and get comfortable. 

New Bunk Configurations and a Whole Lot More

According to Truckinginfo, Peterbilt worked with truckers to get feedback and input on the new design. Double bunk configurations feature a small ladder for access to the top bunk and enough room in the lower bunk for the person using it to be able to sit up without hitting their head on the top bunk. The double bunk configuration also comes with 64 cubic feet of storage.

Single bunk configurations offer a whopping 70 cubic feet of storage and a little more room in the cabin. There's also a 42-inch long wardrobe for shirts and other clothes that need to hang up. In addition to that, there's other cabinetry for storing other items. The bunk mattresses themselves are large, too. The bottom bunk measures 85 inches long and 42 inches wide. The top bunk is a little smaller, but only slightly at 82 inches long and 36 inches wide.

There are also numerous power ports, including 12-volt, 110-volt, and USB ports. Those same power ports are available on both levels in the double bunk configuration. Inside the sleeper cab is also a slide-out table. There's also enough room for a 32-inch TV and a 1.1-foot microwave.

Aerodynamic Improvements Lead to Efficiency Gains

Peterbilt didn't just focus on the interior of the truck. It was able to make a 2 percent improvement on the truck's exterior aerodynamics as well. It did this while still keeping with the well-known styling of the Model 579. One of the chief design elements improving aerodynamics is the new sun visor.

Truckinginfo quoted Peterbilt's marketing manager Wesley Slavin saying that the visor creates a low-pressure zone that essentially tries to pull the cab forward. These improvements should make minor impacts on fuel consumption.

Production of the 579 UltraLoft will start up in July, but you can order your model today.