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Habits That Could Be Hurting You

Over the road trucking is a lifestyle many enjoy, but there are certain situations that can wreak havoc on your mind, body, and wallet. Even though we are a month into the New Year, it is not too late to make some lifestyle changes to help make this lifestyle a little more enjoyable. By choosing to try a few of these options can not only benefit your overall mood, it may also benefit your finances as well.

Watch What You Drink

The biggest mistake many truckers make when it comes to nutrition is what they drink. Many drink coffee or soda to simply stay awake when working long hours. Unfortunately, this habit is making you heavier, while also making your wallet lighter. A typical 32 oz. Big Gulp soda from 7-eleven can contain 91 grams of sugar and run up to 364 of empty liquid calories. Additionally, by getting this drink from a convenience store you may be paying a markup of over 50% of the wholesale product cost if you are not careful. Not a soda drinker?

Well, this same situation applies to coffee drinkers as well. Coffee is one of the most heavily marked up items. Period. According to Quentin Fortell, "an 80% markup is standard in the coffee business on the higher-end brews." Making your own coffee in the back of a truck is easy and much more affordable. Don't believe me? Track the calories on your beverage purchase, as well as the price per cup for one week and multiply by 52. This will show you what drinks costs you per year.

Watch What You Eat

Some drivers have other ways of staying awake. When they chose to forgo coffee or soda, they choose to snack on chips or candy instead. This oral fixation has helped many truckers push on the extra miles needed to get a run done, but at what cost? The mindless indulgence of these snack foods can be limiting your effectiveness in the long run. Choosing to eat prepared meals, when planned properly could help save you hundreds of dollars a year. Try using a crock pot on your next trip, as well as staggering your meals to help prevent mindless eating habits.

Visit the Gym

There may be more benefits to owning a gym membership then you think. Exercising is obviously important for anyone with a sedentary job, but many gyms come with other perks that may be worth the membership fee. Lots of nationwide gym chains have locations available that provide showers and bathrooms that are usually cleaner than those found at the nearest truck stop. Making it a plan to workout after a long shift can help you sleep better at night, and also provide a way for you to feel fresh after taking care your hygiene needs at the same time.