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Tips to Get Your Heavy Truck Through Winter

Trucking isn't an easy job. A lot of people depend on the truck reaching its destination on time and in good shape. That's why every trucker needs to know proper maintenance on their rig, especially with winter fast upon us.

Here are seven Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips to get you started.

  • Check your tires: This first tip is simple as pie. Check the tires often and make sure they're inflated. Otherwise they can lead to slippage and cause an accident. It is also wise to put on some tire chains if the weather becomes icy cold.
  • Determine what your fuel needs are: You may need different fuels based on the weather at your destination. Winter weight fuel is a good choice when traveling north. Fuel additives are also worth looking at.
  • Keep your rig running at highway speeds: Normally you would be idling, but this way your diesel engine cycling and regeneration processes will activate.
  • Check your battery: Test the battery to sure its operating at acceptable levels and will continue to throughout the winter. In winter they are under increased pressure and are at risk of failing.
  • Splurge on the best stuff: This is one time when cutting corners frankly doesn't cut it. Always buy the best quality coolants and additives from places you trust.
  • Get a winter front: An exposed grill is particularly at risk in the cold. Not only are winter fronts designed to shield your grill and radiator but they'll even heat it up faster.
  • Check your lights: That's right, more checking! Checking your lights is a good idea in any season, but it make save your hide in case of a storm or accident. Before they can aid or rescue you, they have know where you are! Give your lights a good cleaning. You'll thank yourself later.

For more tips and information, see Get Your Heavy Truck Ready for the Winter or Winter Truck Maintenance Tips. Also, feel free to check out our website. We're here to help.