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3 Advantages of Leasing Your Truck and Trailer Over Buying Them Outright

As you start your new trucking business, every decision is about small trade-offs. Regular maintenance is an additional expense (especially because it means time away from the road) but it could offset greater expenses and longer downtime later. Investing in trailer tails are an upfront cost, but they save on gas or diesel. How you get your equipment is another question of trade-offs, and, when you beginning to establish your business, leasing your trucks and trailers can give you more advantages. Here's why:

You can change with the technological times.

Every year new technology is appearing, and both trucks and trailers are being regularly improved to be smarter, more efficient, and more customizable. Leasing your equipment for a specified duration of time, whether it's a year, three years, or more, means you're not locked into owning a truck that might soon be outpaced. This is especially important if you work in California and other states that are regulating diesel emissions because companies with too old or too inefficient models can't compete.

You keep more capital on hand.

Small businesses have a lot of start-up costs, a lot of unexpected expenses, and not a lot of credit. Leasing your equipment means your money isn't caught up in a loan or tied up in your truck. That makes it easier to respond to emergencies without worrying about your bottom line; you can also choose to invest the extra money in advertising, specialty equipment that opens your company up to new business, and hiring more drivers.

You can decide where you want your business to go.

Managing a small or growing team of drivers can be profitable, but it's a lot different from being an owner-operator of a single truck. If you want to experiment with a growing business but are worried you might like driving better, leasing gives you a nonpermanent opportunity to test the business out.

For more reasons to lease or consider a variety of other financing options, go to National Truck & Equipment Sales here.