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Tesla Price Points Announced for New Semis

At National Truck, our work always points toward optimization. Regardless of the particular product, we're always aware of the latest innovations. One such new technology, the new Tesla Semi, offers the opportunity for carriers to transform their fleets because of a recently-released price point.

Rather than costing a quarter of a million dollars or more, the new Tesla Semi that can go 300 miles on a charge carries an Expected Base Price of $150,000, and a Semi with a 500 mile range will have an EBP of $180,000.

While these prices may fluctuate as development proceeds, it seems that these Semis will be a cost-effective way to reduce carbon footprint while also saving money. The costs per mile, according to Fortune, will go down from about $.54 a mile with diesel fuel to around $.26 per mile on electricity charges. 

Savings of almost half their fuel costs, combined with strategies like optimizing underutilized trailers, make Tesla Semis appear to be a promising option for truck freight.

One early tester is the grocery store Meijer, which sees the new Tesla Semi as an opportunity. These trucks allow them to test the cutting edge of technology. If the resulting tests make their own supply chain costs lower, they can lower prices for grocery consumers as well.

National Truck aims to be on the cutting edge of trucking solutions that save customers and companies money.  We see a bright future for the testing round of the new Tesla Semis, possibly with even greater benefits than have been promised so far. To learn more about getting the best products the trucking industry has to offer, contact us.