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Getting Ready for the Christmas Season on the Road

Deliveries and tight schedules will only be ramping up through the rest of December. Not only will you be dealing with stressed suppliers who are trying to get out all of the stock they can before the 25th arrives, you'll have stores demanding frequent updates and priority status. If you're feeling overwhelmed during the busiest month of the year, set your own limits in stone before you consider anyone else's priorities:

What is the weather like on potential routes?

Winter weather is starting to take root, and that changes everyone's driving patterns and times. It's also more dangerous; even if your truck has well-maintained tires, perfectly good brakes, and bright lights, other drivers will still be erratic and not yet used to ice and snow. Decide what regions you want to stay in as the holidays approach so you can keep on top of your schedule and not be snowed in or trapped by a repair shop.

Will an extra trip make you go over your driving hours?

Inspectors are paying more and more attention to semi drivers' hours of operation. If you're near the end of your limit, don't go over. Many suppliers are going to start offering higher and higher rates as an extra incentive, but don't overload your schedule even for a Christmas bonus.

Know when and where you want to be by the 25th.

Your holiday plans will always need a bit of wiggle room, but have a plan and a destination in mind. Not only will this help you turn away insistent demands that send you the wrong way, it can help you organize the rest of your December routes.

Good service and quick deliveries are part of your business, but peace of mind and safety are just as important. Go to National Truck & Equipment Sales for more lifestyle tips.