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Innovative Developments Affecting Medium-Duty Trucks

Recent trends in new technology for medium-duty trucks focus on fully electric vehicles and connectivity that will increase efficiency across many industries. Imagine technology that allows a vehicle to assist a driver in planning and executing fundamental tasks that are critical to their particular job. Well, Mercedes-Benz has done this imagining for you--and they've created the innovative technology necessary to make it happen. The IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany recently showcased the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck. 

The IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany recently showcased the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck. The Urban eTruck is a highly advanced vehicle that could greatly increase the efficiency of delivery businesses. This truck combines many sophisticated technologies such as electric drive systems, telematics, self-sufficient power supply, and connectivity. A battery pack consisting of lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 212 kWh results in a range of roughly 124 miles, which is enough to cover the delivery route of a typical day. This vehicle can actually help drivers plan delivery strategies that would maximize their performance each day.  

Mercedes-Benz was not the only star of the show. Another incredibly innovative concept grabbing lots of attention was the Eaton waste heat recovery system. This system improves fuel economy and reduces emissions, two incredibly important areas for trucks of all sizes. Eaton uses a combination of indirect and direct systems to complete the task. The indirect systems use organic fluids to convert energy that is lost in the form of heat into power. The direct systems use Eaton's own Electrically Assisted Variable Speed Supercharger and Electric Waste Heat Recovery Device to optimize air flow through the engine. Simulated tests show fuel economy improvement of 20% and reduced emissions and NOX. 

These are only two of the numerous innovative concepts displayed at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show. Continued research and development of trucking technology will result in phenomenal new ways to improve efficiency in a variety of truck types. 

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