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Urban Driving Courses Now Offered Online

When most people think of semi-trucks in motion, they probably imagine a tractor-trailer barreling down a busy freeway. Although semi trucks are a common sight on America's freeways, we shouldn't forget that urban driving is also a big part of long-haul trucking.

Navigating city streets requires a different skill set than highway driving. For an inexperienced driver, or for one transitioning from highway to urban driving, distractions and challenges can become overwhelming, leading to mistakes and accidents. 

Fortunately, learning to navigate city streets safely and effectively just got a lot easier. Instructional Technologies (ITI) recently announced a series of online Urban Driving courses, which are designed to arm drivers in the trucking industry with the tools and skills they will need to handle the unique challenges that arise in an urban environment.

These courses can help improve a semi-truck driver's abilities, confidence, and split-second decision making, leading to better safety not just for truck drivers, but also for the many other people they share the road with. Students will master skills such as handling traffic congestion, navigating prescribed routes, and making sharp turns on streets that are crowded with vehicles, pedestrians, and various road hazards. 

ITI utilizes mastery learning techniques, which ensures that the student must master each unit of training material before moving to the next. Three different courses on Urban Driving are offered, tailored to light-, medium-, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Lessons are 15-45 minutes each and can be accessed via smartphone or tablet, making them convenient and easy to fit into a busy schedule. If you've been wanting to improve your urban driving skills through an online course, this is a sensible option.