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What to Know About Your Truck and Your Route

Weather can change any road into a dangerous route, and one of the most unpredictable dangers is a wind storm. Powerful wind can crop up unexpectedly due to anything from sudden shifts in weather, changes in latitude, or even by driving over a high bridge. Here are a few tips experts suggest if you suddenly find yourself caught up in a windstorm:

  1. Keep track of signs and informal weather updates. Treacherous areas that frequently suffer from high winds often have warning signs stating "Wind Advisory: High Profile Vehicles" but not every area will. If you see windsocks or grass and trees that have grown at an angle, take note of the signs to slow down and drive cautiously. You can also see these signs as an indication you should check in with other drivers: both radio and a crowd-sourcing GPS can give you more information about upcoming conditions now that you're on the alert.
  2. Know your sail area and your weight. Every truck can have slightly different dimensions on their sail area based on the length and height of the semi-trailer or load. Be sure to consciously note the size of your trailer before driving; even if you don't know the exact measurements, having an approximate idea of how much the wind can catch on your truck will help you react. Also, driving an empty trailer can be much more dangerous because the wind can more easily knock your truck off course.

Weather conditions can make driving dangerous, but knowing ahead of time how to respond can help you react quickly in an emergency. If you want more truck safety tips, go to National Truck & Equipment Sales to find more Industry News.