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ADAS-Tech Savvy Drivers Wanted

The Rise of ADAS

The rise of new high tech ADAS, (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), is changing the demographic requirements for career candidates in the trucking industry. Not to be confused with autonomous or driver-less technology, ADAS functions as an always alert “copilot” for the human driver. Variations in individual systems, from truck to truck, will require “tech savvy” drivers who aren’t intimidated by new or varied ADAS technologies.

Tech Savvy Talent for OTR Drivers

Fortunately we have a wide pool of up and coming “tech savvy” talent available to fill the demand. The current generation of millennials, now entering the workforce, can’t conceive of life without computers and smartphones. For these competent young recruits, keeping up with updates and training in thirteen or more ADAS applications is not seen as a challenge, but simply a fact of life lived in the computer age. With good CDL-A training they can look forward to a very lucrative career in a field where drivers have always been in demand, and now in the era of ADAS even more so. DOL statistics show the median salary for heavy and tractor trailer drivers at $41,340 per year. Today's new CDL-A driver can look forward to a safer career behind the wheel of a safety-enhanced generation of heavy trucks, such as  the Volvo VNL series.

ADAS On the Road Now

The Volvo VNL series is one of the front-runners in implementation of ADAS to enhance driver safety, and includes ADAS as standard equipment. Far from an autonomous point to point driverless system, the ADAS assists the driver with forward collision alerts, and automatic emergency braking. For the long haul trucker on the road for up to ten hours at a time, features such as lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control can certainly make a long trip less stressful and much safer.