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Tesla Trucks Coming to the Market in September

The trucking industry faces a lot of new changes, from increased automation to increased connectivity, and one change scheduled for this September is the introduction of Tesla semis. Tesla is usually a brand associated with experimental, electric cars, and their products are known for being exclusive due to the price tag alone. So, what will a Tesla semi truck have to offer?

The Nicola One tractor-trailer will be entirely electric. It will be an all-electric vehicle (EV) that uses electric motors and relies on batteries instead of gasoline or diesel. That means full usage of Tesla or EV trucks could either require a massive investment in infrastructure, or else the functionality will be restricted to short drives:

  • Using electric vehicles for long drives: To drive longer than three hundred miles, which is the longest possible charge on the biggest available battery, Tesla would have to pepper the interstate with Supercharge networks. However, this can wreak havoc on truckers' driving schedules because, as much as you're obligated to schedule breaks, they won't line up with the battery's schedule and a recharge takes 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Using electric trucks at a warehouse or for short trips: This is the niche electric vehicles will fit into best in the beginning: moving cargo around a yard or taking it off a ship or train, short transport jobs between cities, or drop-offs from a local Amazon warehouse to its final destination. 

Regardless of where Tesla trucks might first start to fit into the market, it's a sure sign that electric vehicles and many of the technologies finding traction in passenger vehicles will start to impact the trucking and trailer market. If you want to keep an eye on changes and trends in the trucking industry, check out more news stories here.