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An Evolution in Semi-Truck Technology

World-wide efforts to become green have birthed electric trucks. Since the goal is to reduce carbon emissions, it’s important to note that the source of electricity greatly affects the variable amounts of carbon emissions released by electric cars. While most electric power sources are coal-based or fossil heavy, Nikola, a startup company founded by CEO Trevor Milton is ingeniously approaching the trucking industry. Nikola has created a zero-emission, hydrogen-sourced electric truck, the Nikola One.

If that isn’t exciting enough, Milton expects the Nikola One to be the most powerful truck on the road. While the Nikola One is capable of 3000 horsepower, the developers programmed its software to limit the horsepower to 1000hp. While that is only one-third of its capability, 1000hp is still double the power of average working trucks on the road.

Fully loaded with 80,000 pounds, the Nikola One will be able to accelerate zero to sixty in thirty seconds. With its regenerative braking, it also has two to three times the average stopping power. In addition, on a full charge, which only takes fifteen minutes, the Nikola One will be able to travel 800 miles.

The improved up-to-date software of the Nikola One will allow drivers to increase their earnings by twenty-five to fifty percent because of its linked freight communication system. Drivers will be able to see all the loads available for pick-up, the distance, as well the estimated time of arrival. This innovation will decrease the amount of empty miles.

The truck at the unveiling event in December of 2016 was fully functional. The grand idea has been actualized; now, Nikola is pushing the vision forward. By 2020, Nikola plans to build nearly 400 hydrogen-sourced charging stations around the United States and Canada. CEO Trevor Milton plans on slowly placing 50,000 trucks on the road within five to eight years. The most immediate goal of Nikola is to put twelve trucks on the road for testing by the end of 2018.