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Improving Your Health and Enhancing Your Life on the Road

Truck driving is a fantastic career. The adventure of the open road and the excitement of seeing new places and meeting new people makes for a very interesting job. Unfortunately, truck driving can also be stressful and spending long hours on the road can get lonely. Excessive stress can put quite the toll on a truck driver's health and many truck drivers suffer from depression, sleep disorders, and anxiety. That is why many drivers are choosing to bring a furry co-pilot along on the road. 

It is widely known that pets provide priceless physical and mental health benefits to their owners. Pet owners often have lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and a lower risk of heart disease. These benefits stem from regular exercise and stress relief. The same applies to truckers who take their pets on the road--pets help drivers relax and focus, provide companionship, and provide opportunities for exercise (like taking walks during their downtime). Many dogs also provide the added benefit of security. 

Pets have become an incredibly important part of the trucking lifestyle. As a matter of fact, there is a Facebook group dedicated to truckers with pets--Trucking Fur Babies. With more than 1800 members, this group is a great place for truckers to connect and share stories and photos about life on the road with their furry companions. Group members also share helpful tips and tricks for traveling with pets. 

The benefits of trucking with a pet are becoming widely recognized, and the Omnitracs Big Rig Buddies 2017 contest is just one way in which these furry friends are being celebrated. Truckers can enter by submitting a photo of their pet and a description of how they make life on the road a lot more enjoyable. The contest is open from June 21-August 23 and first and second place winners will be announced at the Great American Trucking Show on August 26. The first place winner will receive a $700 gift card from The Pampered Buddy, and the second place winner will receive a $300 gift card from The Fully Stocked Buddy. 

Pets are such a valuable part of our lives, providing endless love and affection when we need it the most. Trucking has its ups and downs, but one thing is certain--sharing your road trips with a furry friend is an excellent way to make the most of every day.