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Five Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Vehicle in Shape

Trucking is a tough job. Not just the trucking itself but making sure everything is running smooth. That's why we have five maintenance tips for your semi-truck to make sure your vehicle stays good as new.

  • Check your tire pressure: Do this once a week. Changes in weather can cause changes in tire pressure, along with driving fast on the highway. If your tires aren't inflated enough then you'll suffer worse mileage and if they're inflated too much then you're more susceptible to potholes and punctures. The last thing you want is to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Check your brakes: Another task you should perform often, keep an ear open for any unusual sounds when using your brakes. If they squeal or vibrate you should get them inspected as soon as possible. This is not only for your sake but also for the sake of everyone around you.
  • Check your oil: The stronger the engine the more oil you'll need for it. If you neglect to check it, it can quickly degrade your engine, and end up costing you in repairs. Good times to check it are right when you get a new semi or when you've just gotten engine work done.
  • Check your vents: It's annoying but insects and other critters are magnetically drawn to them. Clean them out regularly so they don't gum up the works, especially if your vehicle hasn't been moving for a while.
  • Check your radiator: Make sure there isn't any leaking by topping up. If you don't check this you will risk overheating and damaging your engine.

Remember, if you're planning a long trip then you should perform this maintenance even more often. Be prepared!

It is crucial that you perform any needed repairs. Not only does it mean your vehicle isn't performing at its best, but failing to do necessary repairs could result in injury or worse.

Good luck and safe trucking!