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Driver Finds Good Use For Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated trailers serve many purposes, although an alert and enterprising driver found a rather unique use for his on April 12.

Chilly Reception

The Minnesota trucker was hauling a load of frozen meat when he stopped at an Indiana rest area along eastbound Interstate 74.  At approximately 4 a.m., he found a man attempting to steal some of his cargo. The quick-thinking driver locked the man in the trailer, and he called the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office. 

It is safe to assume the temporary accommodations were anything but comfortable, since the trailer was cooled to a not-so-balmy minus 10 degrees. CDL Life astutely reported that the suspected thief was “frozen in his tracks.”

When deputies arrived, they reportedly heard the suspect pounding on the walls of the chilly trailer. Deputies took a 51-year-old Shelbyville, Indiana, man into custody, and he was arrested on suspicion of theft and unauthorized entry of a vehicle.

Trouble Brewing

About a month earlier, a driver employed the same maneuver to snare an alleged liquor thief at a store in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Star Tribune reported a 47-year-old man climbed into the back of a beer truck near Nicollet Mall. 

When the driver began to walk up the ramp behind the truck, he noticed a man amidst the kegs and cases. The driver quickly acted to lock the alleged perpetrator inside with all the beer. Police arrived within minutes, and the man was arrested for tampering with a motor vehicle, and he was taken to the Hennepin County Jail.