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Modern Semi-Truck Technology Requires Attention To Cyber Security

Today’s connected area network solutions in the trucking industry allow for real-time, two-way communication that offers real advantages. Increased connectivity enhances productivity in a variety of ways. For example, within a couple of years, it is possible that real-time remote updates will optimize horsepower and other performance parameters based on variables like altitude, weather and more.

As a post noted, however, the more that critical operational and safety systems are automated, the greater the need for effective cyber-security measures in the trucking industry.

Passenger Vehicle Experience Instructive

One need only look to past passenger vehicle cyber threats for examples. Over the past decade, competing auto manufacturers have hurried navigation, infotainment and other systems to market. Some question whether the rush to offer certain amenities increased the threat of cyber attacks.

Widely publicized incidents of hackers gaining control over passenger vehicle functions has caused concern in the past. In recent years, ForbesCNBCWired and others have run stories on hacking vehicular systems. A Washington Post article discussed how telematics could be commandeered over the internet or via cellular signals. A University of Washington researcher demonstrated how he could take complete control of a car from a thousand miles away.

Trucks and Cyber Security

In the face of regulatory and other demands, the truck industry has generally been attentive to the need for heightened cyber security. Still, high-value cargo will always attract traditional as well as cyber criminals. For example, it is conceivable that spoofing a GPS system could fool it into reporting a false position, leaving a rig vulnerable at an unknown location. Therefore, anti-spoofing applications will be needed to ensure that this does not happen. 

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