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How Financing Your HeavyTruck Can Benefit You

Upgrading your heavy truck is a big investment and financing is a consideration that could be a good option for you. While you have different options when it comes to the method you choose for the purchase, financing stands to benefit you as an owner, in several ways. Let's take a look.  

  • Cash Flow

You're going to need to dip into your cash flow whether you purchase your heavy truck outright or decide to finance. The benefit with financing is once the down payment of approximately 20 percent of the purchase price is made, you can spread the remaining payments over a period of years. And don't forget with financing, you have leverage in the negotiation process. The amount of the monthly payments can often be tied to the amount of sales that you generate. As a result, financing your truck should help you to better manage your cash flow each month. 

  • Technology

The federal government has new emissions standards on the horizon for the trucking industry. Heavy truck owners must make technology upgrades to their semi-trucks in order to meet these requirements. Rather than invest in the new technology for an older vehicle, financing a truck with the required technology already there will save you time and money over the long term.

Keep in mind that you probably will also save money on fuel by upgrading to a truck with newer technologies.

  • Uncle Sam

As soon as you sign on the dotted line to finance your truck purchase, Uncle Sam considers the vehicles yours, for tax purposes. As a result, treat the vehicle as an asset when tax time comes around, and use any depreciation in the truck's value as a tax write-off


If you have any questions about trading your heavy truck or purchasing a newer one, National Truck and Equipment Sales has the experience to help with all your needs. Contact us today.