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Peloton and Omnitracs Unveil Platooning Semi Truck Technology

In a recent company press release, Peloton Technology, technological developer of automated vehicles for freight carriers, announced its industry-renovating truck platooning system to the semi-truck world.

Omnitracs, LLC, a global fleet management solutions company, will be the first to benefit from Peloton’s technological breakthrough. In fact, Omnitracs has already partnered with Peloton Technology in order to bring their new platooning technology to its transportation and logistics customers across the globe. The combined efforts of the two companies will increase Omnitracs customer’s semi-trucks fleet efficiency, safety, and overall management.

Peloton Platooning Technology

Peloton’s platooning technology uses a unique collision avoidance system to synchronize acceleration and braking between two semi-freight trucks. This new state-of-the-art technology allows semi-trucks to travel at safe distances between each other, all-the-while maintaining acceptable road speeds.

The platooning system saves up to 4.5 percent fuel for the lead truck and up to 10 percent for the following truck.

Benefits to Semi-Drivers

Drivers using Peloton’s platooning technology will not face any difficulty with the new system since it operates in almost the exact same way as adaptive cruise controls. While adaptive cruise control helps semi-drivers to stay at a safe distance from one another, the added vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) platooning communication system adds an element of automated braking to automated speed control. The driver will still remain in control of steering as the platooning system maintains safe distance levels, acceleration speeds, and quick braking, fulfilling all the requirements and standards worthy of a safe automated driving system.

Besides automatic braking and cruise features, drivers will also be guided by a cloud-based network operations center. The center will be responsible for connecting drivers via WiFi and cellular applications and will provide them with directions to those roads featuring safe driving conditions.

Benefits of the Partnership

The combined efforts and technologies of both Peloton and Omnitracs will benefit their customer's fleet management and safety features dramatically. Some of the major benefits the partnership offers semi-freight fleet customers include:

1) Optimized Fleet Platooning

2) Dynamic Routing and Dispatching

3) Efficiency Integrated Cloud-Based Fleet Management

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