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Trucking Industry Members Gear Up to Hear Godwin Group Member Speak

Many truck and equipment industry members are gearing up for the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer’s Annual Convention & Trade Show. It’s slated to happen in mid-February 2017 and our hats are off to Pat Godwin, Jr. Godwin, as some may recall, sits at the helm of The Godwin Group. The group is affiliated with some of the best pieces of equipment you’ll find in our National Truck & Equipment Sales’ showroom.

Positioned prominently under the group’s umbrella are Goodwin Hoists, Champion HoistsGalion and Godwin Truck Bodies. So we couldn’t be happier that Pat Godwin, Jr. will be one of the guest speakers at NATM’s upcoming event. Trailer Body Builders magazine reporter, Rick Weber, first released news of Godwin Junior’s speaking engagement back in January 2017. We’ve been excited for him ever since.

It is a great honor to speak at industry events like NATM and we feel that Godwin Junior is the perfect man for the job. He’s slated to discuss the human resources side of truck and equipment manufacturing. As such, industry members attending the lecture shouldn’t expect news of an upcoming release. However, we feel that Godwin Junior’s presentation will be extremely valuable all the same.

We base that decision on the high-quality products The Godwin Group members churn out every year. In our estimation, it is not possible to produce such incredible products without first taking care of one’s employees. So we’re sure the group’s management team is consistently doing things right. Godwin Junior often cites production pay programs as being invaluable, which is what he’ll be focusing on during the February 2017 presentation.

To learn more about The Goodwin Group products that we currently have in stock and why they’re well worth the investment, please contact National Truck & Equipment Sales. And again, kudos to Pat Godwin Jr. and company on securing their latest speaking engagement.