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Let's Help Keep Our Truckers Safe Along the Road

As we head into the weeks that we all need to stay-at-home, many individuals cannot, especially so many of our country's truck drivers. These men and women are working hard to get not only essential supplies to us all, but they have the task to get the critical supplies our hospitals need to care for people fighting to beat this unexpected viral attack. 

Understand What Drivers Face

From truckers to essential store employees to clinicians, if you're not on the front lines, you may not realize what daily reality is for these men and women. CNN Business shares what five truck drivers are facing daily. Let's be aware of what America's road warriors are facing.

What Can Be Done to Help

From the large trucking company fleet management down to non-trucking drivers along the highway, we all need to make it easier for our road warriors to make it safely to their destinations.

Equip the Drivers with Comfort

Our truck drivers are also quarantined to their cabs, and comfort is vital. The more comfortable the cab, the better our truck drivers will be able to work these long hours, necessary to get the long hauls done. 

We Can All Be Kind and Help

Let's let them have the roads and highways to get where they need to go. Be kind and offer thanks. And most of all, be alert to what's happening. If you have a chance to help a trucker, you will be a hero too. Thank you to all those individuals and businesses helping out with innovative ways to assist our truckers, as shared on CDL LIFE.

J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales: Quality-Refurbished Semis to Help America Stay on the Move

If your fleet needs quality-refurbished semis, look through our inventory. With a network of delivery solutions, the majority of our sales are over-the-phone. Call to find out more. We're here to help however we can during these hard times. 

The entire team here at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales would like to say thank you to everyone on the front lines, especially America' truck drivers. Thank You All!