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Trucking Technology: Mobile Apps, Gadgets and More

As we truck into 2020, we have entered a new decade. This decade could revolutionize the trucking industry with better and newer technologies. Let's look at those mobile apps and gadgets that are great for truckers in 2020. And, let's check out the electric semis. Last, but not least, truck drivers fleet managers will love a technology innovation their trucks on the move!

The Mobile Apps to Have in 2020

Celebrating it's five decades of trucking, the team at Bancroft and Sons delivers a review on "4 awesome trucker apps for 2020."

  • "Trucker Path" has been out there for approximately six years, and it's a trucker's administrative assistant to get the information they need about truck stops, fueling prices, places to pull in for the night, and weigh stations. It connects drivers across the country to get the best information to help one another truck with efficiency.
  • "KeepTruckin" can help truckers stay in compliance with electronic logging, and keep in touch with dispatchers.
  • "GasBuddy" helps truckers find the cheapest fuel along their routes, and it also offers other ways of saving on fill-ups.
  • "CamScanner" is your electronic filing system. You don't have to worry about losing important documents.

Tech Gadgets for Truck Drivers

Innovation is the key to making life better. Fuelz reviews seven gadgets that can make life better our truck drivers.

  • "GPS" is nothing new to almost every driver today. Any Software Tools offers a recent review on three GPS devices.
  • "Electronic logbook devices" are reviewed on
  • "Load board and instant freight matching" is another technology that can save time and increase income. 123Loadboard is one platform that is compiling the data to offer efficient shipment management.
  • "Telematics" will be delivering a list of benefits, as reviewed on Insights.
  • "Bluetooth" offers hands-free technology, connecting multiple devices for safer trucking practices. Bluetooth also benefits logistics, as found on Cerasis.
  • "Wi-Fi hotspots and satellite dishes" bring entertainment to the driver, wherever they park for the night.
  • "HDTV" is not only for the home. With an "over-the-air digital TV antenna, the driver can enjoy like-home entertainment.

Now, "More" to Share!

The "more" is exciting and advancing the trucking industry. 

  • The five electric semis are out, or soon to be rolling out, as seen on YouTube
  • "Dwell time" can be a truck driver's nightmare. FleetOwner explains how a new "AI-enabled dock solution cuts down dwell time."

With a new decade upon us, the team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales remains committed to delivering the highest quality of refurbished day cab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks. We're here, and we continue our dedication to keeping America on the move.