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Closing Doors Should Open Windows of Opportunity

We have been hearing and writing about how our industry is hurting for truck drivers. Since the beginning of the year, trucking companies are closing their doors, leaving truck drivers without jobs and product sitting waiting for transport. As we read through the sad news, we see opportunities for other trucking companies to grow and expand. 

Companies No Longer Moving America

It's unfortunate for these companies and their employees. We hope to find out those dedicated drivers find new jobs. Some may even discover they have the experience and knowledge to become owner-operators

LME, Inc. - Minnesota

The most recent one, LME, Inc., has left hundreds of drivers without jobs and without monies owed, as reported on CDLLife. Hundreds of trucks are sitting.  Hundreds of hard-working and experienced drivers need jobs.

Williams Trucking - Alabama

A month into the second quarter of the year, Williams Trucking announced to their drivers to return back to their hub for the last time, as reported FreightWaves. A smaller trucking operation with approximately "48 power units" recorded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2017. 

It is apparent how this company was struggling to survive. "According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) SAFER website, Williams' trucks had received 24 vehicle out-of-service notices in the past 24 months, out of 74 total inspections, for a 32.4 percent out-of-service rate. An additional 5 drivers were placed out of service."

Falcon Transport - Ohio

Early in the second quarter of 2019, Falcon Transport suddenly alerted almost six hundred drivers that they no longer have jobs, as reported on FreightWaves. "The carrier has 723 trucks and nearly 585 drivers, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration SAFER system." You find out some history that led to the abrupt shutdown of such a large trucking company on Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ).

New England Motor Freight - Pennsylvania

Not long after celebrating the New Year, New England Motor Freight (NEMF) declared bankruptcy, as reported by CBS 21. NEMF employed many different positions other than truck drivers such as mechanics, dispatchers, and fleet managers. The trickle-down effect of this company closing its doors will impact the economy in Pennsylvania.

Where Truck Drivers Can Find Jobs

If you're a truck driver looking for work, the internet may hold the key to your next job. 

J. Ruble and Sons: Refurbished Trucks to Keep America on the Move

It saddens us at J. Ruble and Sons to read and report on these trucking company closures. We're here to offer quality refurbishing to get trucks ready to get on the road again. Find out everything we can do, here at our Monroeville, Indiana operation. 

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