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A Growing Global Demand for Refrigerated Semi-Trailers

North America to Lead the Global Demand for Refrigerated Semi-Trailers

Recently published on MarketWatch, the 2019 forecast for semi-trailers is now out with regards to the global share regarding "size, growth overview, trends, opportunities, regional outlook, and revenue." These worldwide projections look forward to 2023. "The growing cold chain industry is likely to be the prime driver for the global semi-trailer market over the forecast period."

Along with the demand for refrigerated semi-trailers, new technology is also driving an increase for semi-trailers to get the "advanced functionalities." "Temperature sensors" is a new technology that is invaluable to the cold chain industry. 

"North America is likely to remain in the lead in the global semi-trailer market over the forecast period due to the growing cold chain industry in the region." Transportation demand is increasing to move those products that must be transported cold: "food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries."

What to Consider When Selecting a Refrigerated Semi-Trailer

Truck Freighter puts together an excellent write-up on refrigerated semi-trails. As reported, Great Dane, Wabash, and Utility are known for their quality, refrigerated semi-trailers. The Truck Freighter author reviews those important factors to consider when deciding the type of refrigerated semi-trailer you need for your cold storage hauls.

  • "Size" - 48' versus 53'
  • "Doors" - Swing or Roll
  • "Spring-Ride versus Air-Ride Suspension
  • "Insulation" Coverage and Quality
  • "Water Permeability" - Climate Conditions
  • "Insulation Liner"
  • "Type of Foam" and "Injection Process"
  • "Flooring" – Check For Conversion
  • "Tires" – Recaps Not Recommended
  • "Payload Impacts"

Affordable and Quality-Refurbished Semis to Pull Your Refrigerated Semi-Trailers

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