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Refurbishing Is Our Business

Decades of Expert Refurbishing!

A lot goes on here at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales. Located on a peaceful, multi-acre lot in Monroeville, Indiana, we have been finding and refurbishing big power trucks and tractors. We are known across the country for our work, and our frame shop is where all the magical work happens. 

Equipment Needs Customization? 

We are known for repeat customers bringing their equipment here for customization of their equipment. If you need your wheelbase properly stretched, we use double frame reinforcement and install lift axles. Need flatbeds or dump bodies installed, we are your experts. 

Refurbish? Replace? What Makes Sense? 

If you are wondering what to do with your outdated and worn-down looking equipment, let the team at J. Ruble & Sons help you with that decision. Big trucks were built to be tough, and we can refurbish them for years of more work. 

Don't have the means to wait for refurbishing, we have some nicely refurbished equipment in our inventory that is ready to roll with years left to work hard for your business

Expanding Your Fleet? Should You Buy New or Used? 

It is exciting when your trucking business is outgrowing your fleet. Making the right decision whenever you are spending hard-earned capital should include research. We're here to help you with your decision between buying new or buying used

Save Time and Money with J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales!

How do we save our customers time and money? We sell many of our refurbished trucks and tractors over-the-phone.

Call our sales team to learn about our inventory of expertly refurbished trucks and tractors. If you would like to see everything we can offer, we are always excited to take you on a tour of our operation here in peaceful Monroeville. We look forward to working with you.