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Heavy Trucks Affected by the New EPA Initiatives

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA declared its new rulemaking. It relates to control of harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from the heavy-duty diesel trucks and trailers. The rule is expected to come into effect by 2020.

Due to continuous pressure from the state and federal environmental groups and lobbies, EPA is all set to make a nationwide regulation for Nitrogen Oxide emissions. Interestingly, the rule has been named as a Cleaner Truck Initiative.

What Does This Rule Entail?

As per the Acting Administrator of the EPA, the new rule is designed to update the existing norms introduced way back in 2001. In fact, it will help to modernize the trucking industry and improve efficiency of heavy-duty trucks.

In addition, the Cleaner Truck Initiative will incentivize the latest technologies in this industry. The agency is presenting a tough stance on the subject. It has clarified that an effective program will be implemented to reduce emissions from the trucks in the coming years.

What Led to the New Rule?

As per EPA estimates, the heavy-duty trucks will be solely responsible for nearly one-third of the nitrogen oxide emissions caused by the industry.

Here, it is important to note that nitrogen oxide emissions have dropped by more than 40 percent in the period of 2007-2017. The EPA has already asserted the fact that more stringent initiatives are needed to reduce them.

Key Highlights of the New Rule:

The industry experts and associations have lauded efforts taken by EPA for cutting NOx emissions. The Cleaner Truck Initiative brings many intriguing features to the table. They include:

  • It will update the compliance and certification processes.
  • As a nationwide and streamlined program, it will bring consistency in implementation of the new regulations.
  • It is expected to offer real-world reductions in emissions and an improved TCO for the trucking industry.

With this initiative, the EPA also intends to leverage cost-effective measures for reducing NOx emissions.

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