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Flat-Nosed Rigs Once Ruled the Highways Across America

Cabovers: When Length was a Restriction

You do not see many flat-nosed semi-trucks moving along the highways today. At one time, the length of semi-trucks could only be "a maximum of 65', from 1956 to 1976" as found on Smart Trucking. These flat-nosed trucks were manufactured to allow for more trailer length. Once additional length was allowed here in the United States, the long-nosed trucks began offering more driver comforts. For some truckers, they miss the flat-nosed rigs. 

According to the Smart Trucking article, there may be a comeback of these trucks that some truckers believe were awesome trucks. Nicely refurbished cabovers are seeing new life in the United States "for particular working applications."

In Europe, Japan and Australia, these type of trucks are still widely used due to their length restrictions. Although these trucks have some cons for those long-haul drivers, these trucks offer some benefits for those trucking businesses that need to move around city limits.

  • Maneuvering these trucks were a big perk. From backing up to moving in and around heavy traffic, these trucks are known to move with ease, especially in narrow and tight spaces.
  • Visibility is exceptional with the height of the driver's seat. There is no long nose to see over or clear when making turns. 
  • Fuel efficiency is seen due to smaller truck size as found on RoadPro.

Along with driver comfort, long-nose rigs pushed the cabovers off the highways.

  • Cabovers are not as safe as the long-nosed cabs in an accident, especially in a head-on collision.
  • Working on the engines is not as convenient. The driver must remove or secure everything in the cab.
  • Sleeper cabovers did not offer easy access into the sleeper area.

2009 Peterbilt 320 Cabovers Available 

Manufactured to work in the refuse and concrete pump markets, we have several of the 2009 Peterbilt 320 day cabs that have been nicely refurbished. If you're looking for a well-built cabover that you need for local, day hauls, these are three great trucks to add to your fleet. Give us a call, or drop in to learn more about our Peterbilt cabovers.