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Weather Company Offers Full Forecast for Truckers

One thing a truck driver can't control is the weather. According to a recent article from, The Weather Company is aiming to put more control in truckers' hands via an app that provides a fuller forecast.

The Weather Company, owned by IBM, has already released a briefing tool app, which supplies weather information for truckers. It is now working on providing weather and traffic information along specific routes. The head of The Weather Company's ground transportation business states that the new tool will offer more clarity as to how weather is impacting the road conditions, tracking six parameters that include fog, high winds, wet roads, puddling, snow, and ice.

The company's future plans for the project include a predictive traffic service that uses machine learning to forecast traffic speeds. Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that uses software applications to develop algorithms using statistical analysis to predict outcomes. A text to speech alert device will be used to warn drivers of upcoming events along their routes, allowing them to take into consideration what they're able or willing to drive through and the fragility or time-sensitivity of the cargo they're hauling.

The Weather Company's tools are being developed with the realization that more data can better prepare drivers for the conditions they will face along the route and warn them of upcoming accidents, the article notes, saving time, money, and even lives. Another development that is being eyed is the use of sensors on trucks that will provide additional data to be used in forecasting, similar to the sensors on UPS' air fleet, which has allowed the National Weather Service to compile weather information for the past twenty years.

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